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Saving time and physical effort for better results

Certain products are still coated manually because of their inconvenient shapes or because they won’t fit easily onto a standard line. Or simply ...


Suspended ceiling tiles: finishing technologies

Suspended ceiling tiles: finishing technologies In the construction industry, suspended ceiling tiles - known also as drop ceilings - are a common ...


The new iBotic Cartesian spraying robot

Following 15 years as a high-performance, twin-arm spray coating solution, the iBotic Cartesian spraying robot has undergone a major overhaul to ...


Automated coating lines for irregularly shaped products

Over many years, we have witnessed several requirements to coat products that have a distinctly three-dimensional shape, a factor which frequently ...


Overhead lines, anthropomorphic robots and automation software: how to save money and increase productivity

Door and window manufacturers or third party outfits painting such items will be working principally with wood or PVC products. Not all will be ...


UV-I oven: better crosslinks, fewer photoinitiators

When using 100% UV lacquers, there is absolutely no way to avoid the stage where crosslinking takes place under UV lamps. And that process depends on ...

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