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Solutions and finishing lines for the automotive industry

Special finishing technologies for the aerospace industry

Finishing solutions developed for the furniture industry

Finishing equipment for all areas of the building industry

Finishing lines for all sorts of durable consumer goods

Flexible digital print solutions for cardboard packaging


We believe technological research and continuous innovation to be essential for the achievement of rewarding results. First and foremost, our goal is to be a consultant and partner.

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Cefla Finishing technologies and solutions for painting, decoration and digital printing of countless materials and substrates.

Designs and manufactures tailored and "turnkey" systems for the wood market and today is in the forefront also in the field of glass, plastic, fiber cement, composite materials and metal. Customers range from big names in the building and furniture sector, including the aerospace and automotive industries. The group consists of leading companies and brands - Cefla Finishing and Düspohl  – which have made innovation their strong point.


In 2022 Cefla celebrates its 90th anniversary

A milestone achieved through the hard work of all those who have been part of the company.

Shaping history together