Digital printing solutions for packaging and packaging materials

In addition to traditional flexo and offset printing techniques, industrial digital printing now brings (except in the case of very large print runs) huge benefits on account of its flexibility in the face of demand for customisation, small print runs and short time-to-market.

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What exactly is industrial digital printing for packaging?

Digital printing technology is fundamental in sectors where packaging plays a key role in product distribution.

Thanks to its versatility, this technology - which also allows for highly customised small-scale batches - provides manufacturers with an effective tool that boosts the impact of packaged products by using graphic design and promotional or marketing content.

Furthermore, in the era of mass customisation, the ability to strengthen the image of a customised product by using ad hoc packaging, especially at low cost, increases the effectiveness of the strategy itself.

With industrial digital printing, creativity becomes a powerful ‘weapon’ that can be deployed without compromising cost or productivity.

Why include an industrial digital printer on a cardboard packaging production line?

The inclusion of a digital industrial printer on the line is an option that can be applied independently of the upstream or downstream equipment, allowing for an effective, economic response to current trends.

While offset and flexo equipment requires significant initial investments, justifiable only for long print runs and high volumes, digital printing:

  • can handle variable content/data and shorten time to market;
  • requires only a few simple steps between print file and printed product;
  • requires no investment in additional equipment;
  • does not have long set-up times or high costs;
  • enhances customisation, boosts production flexibility and lowers costs significantly.

In which industries are cardboard packaging finishing solutions used?

Integrated finishing lines for cardboard packaging and packaging materials are used in many industries for numerous product categories. Some examples:

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Some specific application areas and finished products that are part of the packaging sector


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Industrial digital printing has unlimited potential

Discover all the potential effects that you can obtain on different substrates thanks to digital printing. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

01 What’s the largest size I can run through a digital printer?
Depending on the printer model in our range, we can ensure the following maximum useful widths:
Single-pass up to 1540 mm (60.6”).
Multi-pass up to 2500 mm (98.4”)
02 What are the key benefits of industrial digital printing?
  1. Flexibility. It is simple to change from one design to the next as often as required.
  2. Unit cost is in no way connected to batch size.
  3. Quick response to fast-changing market demands and fashions.
  4. Very short lead time from the idea to the first sample.
  5. Ability to test countless variants, evaluate and pinpoint market trend instantly.
03 Which applications are best suited to digital printing?
  • Flooring
  • Panel decoration
  • Door decoration
  • Edge-banding
  • Fibre cement decoration
  • Profiles
  • etc.