Machinery for ceramics: new technologies for ceramic decoration

Technological innovation frees the ceramic decorator from existing constraints and opens the doors to new markets. Thanks to the innovative Cefla Finishing solutions, the available creative options have never been so vast. New colour shades are available for processes characterised by unprecedented colour rendering levels. Innovation, however, goes beyond an enhanced colour gamut. The new processes cut energy costs and allow quality, customization and efficiency to be effectively combined.

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Ceramic finishing

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A revolution in the world of interior design

With our new processes, any image can now be printed on ceramics of any size, from huge slabs to mosaic. Slabs that are all different, all unique, and that faithfully reproduce any RAL or pantone colour, are now a reality.

Customization is now key in the ceramic decoration sector, leading to a brand new aesthetic approach. Ceramic is used to cover vertical surfaces and whole walls. This is how suggestive settings come into being... generating emotion, telling stories.

Applications of ceramic finishing technologies

Integrated finishing lines for ceramics are applied in various sectors and use different technologies:

Application fields

Here is a selection of specific products with decorated ceramics



Three innovative Cefla Finishing processes for ceramic decoration

With our partners who are manufacturers of inks and paints, we have updated established methods and developed brand new processes and solutions for digital ceramic printing.

Low and high temperature digital printing and the solid colour process are the three methods created to enhance the inherent features of ceramics. Cefla Finishing processes expand creative possibilities and reduce energy costs.

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Learn more about digital printing and coating techniques for decorating ceramics in this webinar

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

01 Which applications are best suited to digital printing?
  • Flooring
  • Panel decoration
  • Door decoration
  • Edge-banding
  • Fibre cement decoration
  • Profiles
  • etc.
02 What are the advantages of drying?
Let's talk about the advantages of the whole finishing process, which includes lacquer application and drying. The "finished" item ends up with improved resistance and protection from external agents, as well as a better aesthetic presentation.
03 Which coated materials need drying?
All coated materials need drying. The type, duration and method of drying differ according to the nature and quantity of the applied lacquer.
04 Is there any after-sales service available near me?
Our international network of distributors and branch facilities is widespread globally, and most likely, you'll easily find the right contact in your own country. Otherwise, in just a few days we will send spare parts and technicians straight from our headquarters.