Basic Course in profile wrapping

Profiles covering

What’s so special about profile wrapping?

Profile wrapping is not only a relatively economic process, it also allows for high output and enables you to offer products with a large range of surfaces including veneer and high-gloss decorations. Running your own profile wrapping line instead of buying ready-made bars offers you a lot of flexibility.

What do you need to start profile wrapping?

Obviously you need a profile wrapping line, but also skilled staff and consumable products like adhesive, foil and maybe primer. The length and width of the line – and thus the space it will occupy - depend on the dimensions and shapes of the work pieces you would like to wrap. Also, the machine will need electric energy and compressed air.

What does a profile wrapping line look like?

Usually, a profile wrapping line consists of an entry zone, a glue application and a wrapping zone. Then, there are additional components like in- and outfeed systems, premelters and separating systems.

Where do I find further information?

We recommend reading the White Paper which gives a comprehensive overview of technical terms and the composition of a profile wrapping line. Any questions left? Contact us. Our Sales Engineers will be happy to help you.



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