Why we have TV sets, washing machines and other appliances in our Finishing Laboratory

Appliances spray coating

There are so many objects that undergo a finishing process and at our LAB we regularly take a look at different cases. Some of these have one thing in common: the finished object is probably going to be part of your everyday life, in a home or an office, at school or at work. Domestic appliances, which have many plastic parts, are a great example: the frame around a TV set, the handle on your freezer, the washing machine door. Spray coating is the only way to decorate these parts and we have devised a procedure to generate efficiency (optimised transfer efficiency above all) and ensure consistent quality.

Mostly, these parts are coated on an iBotic or iGiotto App machine as an integrated part of the finishing line. In the case of washing machine doors where the section in question is the chrome-coloured round section surrounding the window, we feel happy with advising a metallic UV-curable finish applied at a rate of 65 g/sqm. Drying is performed with our Aquadry solution: 4 minutes at 40°C followed by a UV oven such as the UV-R M2 model.

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