More doors, better coating, lower costs.


Coating external doors can be done in many ways. The best way to increase output, improve the coating quality and reduce production costs is possible with just one machine.

iGiotto, with its new 3-gun wrist saves on lacquer consumption and ensures premium quality and consistency. Colour changes can be performed without even stopping the equipment, eliminating downtime. And as new pieces enter the overhead line, the software controlling the process lets iGiotto switch from one piece to the next and one colour to the next without interrupting production. This combination of benefits - ability to perform just-in-time production, full control over surface finishing quality, no downtime - merges into one major factor: superior productivity.

Today iGiotto, with its process control software, helps customers achieve production targets that were unheard of with manual spraying techniques, both in terms of quality, productivity and cost-efficiency. Spraying times are reduced by approx. 40% and there is no need for crossover trajectories. The solution is also highly flexible and vertical lines allow for coating on both sides without unloading pieces. In the future, external doors could be just one of the many applications envisaged for iGiotto.


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