Which is the best way to wrap #drawers?

 Our #profilewrapping brand düspohl Maschinenbau GmbH has developed productivity increasing solutions for both vertical and horizontal wrapping of drawers.

Both of them apply #hotmelt adhesive, which allows you to move on to further production steps directly after wrapping.

DrawerLine 300V ☚ wraps drawers of up to a height of 300 mm vertically - including grooves.

✔ automatic format adjustment: wrapping zone switches from 50 to 300 mm in six minutes
✔ reduced set-up times to boost your productivity
✔ automatic reel changing to minimise downtimes

DrawerLine 250H ☚ wraps drawers up to a width of 250 mm and other profiles horizontally - including grooves.

✔ high flexibility: 360° wrapping of different types of profiles
✔ many systems to reduce set-up times and increase output
✔ includes high quality glue application system and synchronised cutting system

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