Cefla Finishing Spare Parts

Spare parts for our solutions are stored in Cefla Finishing warehouses. Complete the order and receive the spare parts in 24-48 hours* (*subject to availability).

Our high-quality original spare parts (genuine parts) ensure the best performance for your machines throughout their entire lifecycle, allowing you to fully exploit their potential. Additionally, the electronic parts of the original spares are specifically designed for your machine and come with the appropriate software pre-installed.

Watch the video to discover the tools we have designed to work together and help you manage your machine/line in the best possible way.

How to order spare parts

Fill out the form to download the free viewer. We will send you our personalised manual, where you will be able to see all the codes of the components installed on your machine/line.
Then follow these simple instructions and we will handle your request promptly.

  • Identify the part you want to order
  • Take note of machine type, serial number, part number code and choose the desired quantity
  • If necessary, add more parts of the same machine, or add a new machine and proceed as above
  • Complete the form below and submit your request
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Add articles

Fill in the form below with all your articles and submit your request.

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Tools for predicting, preventing, and planning

With GENUINE PARTS - Cefla's original spare parts - HIT LIST, and FOLLOW ME, your company is ready to face the challenges of any market.


Minimise downtime

The HIT LIST is a selection of spare parts that you should always have available, based on our component criticality analysis. You can keep the HIT LIST components in your warehouse or at the Cefla warehouse, through a scheduled maintenance contract. In this case, we guarantee the shipment of the requested spare part within 24 hours.


Always operational lines, predictable costs

With the FOLLOW ME program, you can obtain an annual supply of consumables for your machine/plant at advantageous prices. Together, we will agree on the price of the materials and lock it for one or more years, ensuring stability and convenience.