cTracker tracking and monitoring software

cTracker management and supervision industrial line 4.0

Today’s focus looks at a software solution rather than a machine or finishing technology.
Part of our cSuite software solutions, cTracker is a tracking and monitoring SCADA software which helps operators keep a close eye on production from a single monitor and also assists as part of a service offering by managing alarms and triggering a service request and solution.
cTracker is a powerful tool that provides companies with valuable data regarding processes, recipes and production efficiency and also tracks single pieces on a line, helping maintain excellent productivity. 

Who we are talking to:
▸ Companies with finishing lines consisting of several machines
▸ Companies with highly automated finishing lines
▸ Companies requiring tracking capabilities on finishing lines with a high degree of flexibility
▸ Companies wishing to benefit from fast-lane access to remote technological advice
✓  Set up and control the entire line via a single monitor for Cefla and 3rd party equipment
✓  Track single pieces to be able to implement changeovers without emptying the line
✓  Gather production data and analyse productivity
✓  Obtain fast assistance with remote service pack enabler
✓  Share production data with company ERP (with cLink) to optimise processing

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