Why a flatbed line for smaller car interior components is the best solution

solution with flatbed line for painting automotive parts

Customarily car interior components are spray coated on overhead lines. This does not always lead to the best results as gravity affects the lacquer and productivity is not superb.

Our solution involving a flatbed line has proven to deliver additional productivity up to 20% and an excellent quality piano black finish on plastic components. 

Prior to coating, we equipped our Mito oscillating spray coater with dry CO2 snow-cleaning capability to prepare the surface. After deionisation, components move through a digital 3D reading barrier into our Cartesian spraying robot iBotic for application of 60/80 g/sqm of black PU pigment. After 20-30 minutes in our vertical oven, Omnidry, a coat of transparent dual cure coating is applied back on the iBotic, more or less 70/80 g/sqm. Omnidry comes into play again for a 45-minute duration at 70°C followed by a UV oven (UV-R M2).

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