How can digital printing boost the manufacturing industry's business?

Business increase with industrial digital printing

Let's review what furniture, doors and flooring manufacturers can do, thanks to an integrated, complete, flexible technological solution, which fully responds to finishing requirements and offers multiple opportunities, even for small production batches. The trends in coating and finishing are about innovative mixing and matching of materials, and customer needs focus on flexibility to quickly respond to changes in those trends. So what are the benefits offered to manufacturers of furniture, furnishings, doors and floors?

➀  Combining the need for high productivity with the high degree of customization required by the market
➁ Reducing response times to changing aesthetic trends and fashions
➂ Creating products that are aesthetically appealing and economically sustainable, with high durability characteristics. 
➃ Making realistic, precision high-volume reproductions of natural (wood) patterns with extremely hard-wearing surfaces, all at low process cost.

To have an idea of the cost of the process cycle, bear in mind that cycles that do not require "wearing layers", i.e. essentially vertical surfaces and/or furniture and doors, have a process cost of around € 1.5/m2, while for process cycles that require "wearing layers" (essentially, floors) 1 to 2.8 €/m2 should be added to the above-mentioned value, depending on the desired abrasion resistance class (AC3, AC4, AC5) and reference standard applicable to the products (EN15468 or EN13329).

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