How many people know the difference between Wrapping and Lamination?

Differences between overcoating and lamination

Wrapping is the process of lining a shaped profile with different materials, where required on the top, bottom, left and right sides of a piece.

Lamination involves binding a sheet or “lamina” made of a different type of material to a flat support. At most, the right and left edges can also be laminated. With lamination we're generally talking about pieces wider than 300 mm.

Manufacturers of doors, furniture, kitchens and wooden profiles need a highly flexible system capable of responding quickly to customers' Just In Time demands while maintaining high quality standards that can be repeated over time.

Wrapping lets you:
✓ Respond more effectively to the just-in-time demands of today's market
✓ Reduce machine setup times when the profile outline being produced is changed
✓ Reduce maintenance times

Lamination lets you:
✓ Enjoy high productivity
✓ Maintain outstanding quality
✓ Ensure repeatability over time

How can we provide our customers with these advantages? Very simply, with specific düspohl Maschinenbau GmbH machines:
➊ RoboWrap for wrapping
➋ EasyWrap for wrapping
➌ PowerWrap Wide for laminating

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