Integrated finishing lines for durable consumer goods

High-quality surface finishes are essential on any type of object or product. Whatever their field, producers of consumer durables need customised surface finishing solutions.

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Custom finishing solutions for the industrial sector

Improving the surface finish of your products often lets you stand out from the competition by delivering unique aesthetics and enhanced performance. Tackling this challenge successfully requires advanced coating and finishing solutions that ensure outstanding quality and process efficiency.

However, companies often have to compromise due to a lack of solutions specifically designed around their needs. The sheer diversity of characteristics, shapes and materials to be treated demands that producers join forces with partners who have proven experience. With Cefla Finishing, you can rely on a highly skilled team of industrial finishing specialists. Our experts develop tailor-made solutions and then test them on your products, directly in our LAB.

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What materials and technologies are used for durable consumer goods?

Durable consumer goods require materials and technologies that ensure long-lasting durability and consistent quality over time.

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How to optimise roller coating technologies for a growing variety of products and substrates

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We’ve been innovating in the surface finish field for sixty years.

Experts sharing skills in all areas and all industries, Cefla Finishing is a hub of expertise, a trusted source and partner who can help you achieve your business objectives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

01 What are the advantages of roller coating?

High flexibility in terms of output rate and choice of cycles/processes according to the line make-up.

Zero solvent emissions thanks to 95% use of products with high dry residue (UV) content.

Possibility of using the roller technique for any application on all flat surfaces.

02 What are the advantages of spray coating?
Firstly, spray coating ensures all sides of the piece are covered. Secondly, the product shape is unimportant and, since it is not a contact-type coating, different tolerances between products are compensated for automatically.
03 What are the advantages of drying?
Let's talk about the advantages of the whole finishing process, which includes lacquer application and drying. The "finished" item ends up with improved resistance and protection from external agents, as well as a better aesthetic presentation.
04 Can I buy spare parts directly via the machine?
Yes, cMaster now features a Spare Parts section (available on enabled machines). This feature lets you put in a request directly via the virtual Web App cart, thus speeding up the spare parts management and retrieval process.
05 Is there a maintenance service available in my area?
Our network of distributors and branches stretches across the globe. Finding the service you need in your country should be easy. Alternatively, we can send spare parts and technicians directly from our headquarters in just a few days.