How can overspray be reduced?

Reduction Overspray spray coating

Objective: efficiency and sustainability.
When it comes to coating, there is a crucial point beyond all else, that of lacquer consumption.

Above all, how can overspray be reduced to a minimum in favour of improved transfer efficiency?

The Airsphere air diffusion plenum (a Cefla Finishing patent) is already a huge step in the right direction.

It acts as a way of controlling the air flow inside the machine, thus ensuring maximum spraying quality, uniform lacquer distribution and greater transfer efficiency.

➜ What other precautions are needed with regards to the machine?

✓ Choose the section of the gun nozzles correctly, according to the paint and in view of the desired application outcome: better to choose a larger section, so as to reduce the pump’s operating pressure
✓ Keep the guns’ atomisation air to a minimum
✓ During the "end of ventilation" phase, act on the Air "plenum and exhaust" parameters bringing them down to the minimum possible values
✓ From the machine display, set the spraying area to a minimum
✓ Position the guns as close as possible to the piece being coated
✓ Use spray in “all” instead of “backspray”.

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