Fazioli has been making high-quality pianos since 1981. Crafted at their facilities in the town of Sacile, north east of Venice, the company produces around 150 pianos per year. Our role in innovating their coating process contributed to the overall quality of the product and improved productivity.

Coating piano components entails handling a huge variety of large and small pieces, weighing from just a few grams to hundreds of kilos. Automation steps in to solve a number of problems concerning handling of such pieces and improves workflow. By means of a conveyor system installed at ground level, featuring made-to-measure trolleys, components are processed in a controlled environment to assure maximum quality and consistency the year round.

The final product displays an excellent surface finish. Automation also saves time and streamlines workflow without involving arduous manual tasks.

Our customer uses the following products



  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Wood

Machine Type:

  • Spray coating