How to solve some problem thanks to digitization

Transforming digital solutions into tangible benefits is my job


We may not ring the doorbell 9 minutes and 37 seconds after you call us, but UBIQUO software solutions are a powerful selection of software tools designed to solve a cluster of issues many customers encounter at different stages of their production. And once you begin using them, you won’t need to call for extra help, but we will always be by your side when you need us.

Digital technologies open the doors to countless opportunities

You may want to evaluate the ROI before defining your purchase of production equipment. We make that possible with cCloner, by simulating your production, configuring your line correctly and evaluating lacquer, thermal and electrical energy consumption. This is much more than a static layout of your production line. cCloner will assess processing times, calculate the overall coated surface area of a single line, enabling you to invest with fewer risks than ever before.

Avoiding bottlenecks, downtime and minimising all factors that will generate inefficiency is an issue our customers are faced with regularly. One tool to track and control production from one single point, gathering all data and feeding them to and from the company’s management software is what our cTracker and cLink solutions take care of. cTracker also allows you to adapt production parameters to handle new thicknesses and colours on the fly, and enables tracking of a single production batch on the line or even single pieces.

When you want to keep an eye on both output and production line status, any time of day, anywhere in the world, our cMaster web-based tool allows you to do so as long as you have an internet connection, a smartphone or a tablet. cMaster opens your eyes onto one or more plants or production lines, giving you real-time data or selected information and statistics for period-focused research and preventive maintenance. Our service teams will also be able to monitor the state of the equipment and proactively support you only when you need assistance. The difference between cMaster and similar software solutions is that cMaster is developed around Cefla Finishing equipment and technologies. It is not a commercial software based on a shared platform, excluding potential for targeted data analysis and for actions aimed at improving quality and efficiency in the future.

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