How can I obtain remote assistance right now?

Remote assistance UBIQUO

"How can I obtain remote assistance right now? And how do I know if my production process is working well?"

These are just some of the most frequently asked questions about digital technologies, made of software, skills and our people.

We’re talking of UBIQUO, a carefully selected combination of service packs and software solutions designed to enhance your business by acting on all its aspects with a tailored mix of expert consultancy and digital tools.
A 360° package devoted to efficiency, reliability, competence, predictability etc.

Thanks to the tools which constitute UBIQUO, all spheres come into play: digital, virtual and physical.
In whatever circumstances, we support you wherever and whenever you need our services, anywhere in the world.

"OK, but how?"
Thanks to the software, the cTracker and cMaster tools, the Service Packs and remote assistance provided by our professionals.
We can connect quickly and check the operating parameters, the correct interaction with other machines on the line, verify the settings and intervene quickly.

Thanks to Giuseppe Scazziota - After Sales Service Director


Giuseppe Scazziota

Service Director

Management of Products and Services for After Sale Processes

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