How to decorate sidings with a simple process that does the entire job

Siding spray coating

The exterior of a building can be embellished with any number of techniques. Sidings represent a simple solution, easily applied and a way of protecting the structure itself. The sidings might just be rectangular slats, but the more creative you get, the more you need to set up a finishing process with the appropriate equipment. We at Cefla Finishing have responded to many requests and the knowledge and experience gathered around the world enables us to tailor each integrated line we design to best suit a customer’s needs. This is one of many line set-ups using spray coating equipment and a vertical oven for additional flexibility.

After initial surface coating at a rate of 90-100 g/sqm in a spray coater such as Easy, a pigmented, bi-component, water-based topcoat can be applied before drying in a vertical oven Omnidry for 45  min. at 60°C. Where required, the grout lines, which add a special visual effect to a decorative siding, can be coated in a darker tone using an anthropomorphic painting robot iGiottoApp. This coat of single-component, water-based varnish can be applied at a rate of 35-40 g/sqm prior to a seven-minute drying stage in Aquadry.

This is just one way of approaching the task of decorating sidings. Let us know what your specific needs are and our process engineers will research a tailored solution to bring you added efficiency, ensure improved surface enhancement quality and keep a close eye on your paint consumption.

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