cTracker and the gift of ubiquity


An integrated finishing line needs to be managed in an integrated way to make it as efficient as possible. This is one of the reasons we developed cTracker, a powerful software tool which allows companies to manage complex processes involving multiple machines from one single point.

Now featuring standard, off-the-shelf components (CPU for each machine, 5” and 12” HMI, six 3-fase inverter types) which can be replaced immediately if necessary, our machines and most 3rd party equipment can be connected via an Ethernet network to a PLC and an industrial PC with a 21” multitouch screen enabling immediate intervention anywhere on the line.

Exactly what can be done with cTracker?

First of all, you can enter and adjust all recipes from a single monitor. Secondly, you can manage individual machine parameters from that same monitor and any alarms coming from the machines on your finishing line will appear on the monitor. Basically you won’t need to move from machine to machine or run up and down the line to keep track of production and maintain the highest efficiency on your line.

Single piece tracking capabilities will help speed up production. Each time a tracked piece from a batch is identified at a certain point on the line (usually when the colour or thickness changes) the machine automatically implements the dedicated parameters without needing to re-program or stop the line.

Featuring cLink, the data collected by cTracker can be fed into your ERP, stored and used to improve processing efficiencies or to forecast production schedules.

cTracker also enables remote support services, using a VPN tunnel which is certified IEC 62443 for additional cybersecurity.

If you need more information about cTracker or any of our cutting-edge software and Industry 4.0 solutions, please contact us.

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