Many ceramic companies are pushing towards the maximum customization of their offer in the wake of the well-established trend in many sectors that sees personalization as one of the main drivers. In this scenario, ceramic decoration takes on new life today through the digital printing process.

Many large players are not yet structured with this process and turn to "specialists". Uptiles, based in Spezzano (MO) in the Italian ceramic district par excellence, made this choice a few years ago, mainly decorating large slabs for the major players in the area.

Space for creativity within an extremely wide color gamut, the use of ceramic colors and printing also of precious metals represent the winning features of this production reality, which produces different types of coverings for both indoor and outdoor, such as swimming pools and ventilated walls.

The winning key of the production of Uptiles is the J-Print MP, whose versatility guarantees productions both of a few pieces, but also to satisfy wider requests.

Andrea Odorici, production manager of Uptiles says:

The main benefits of Cefla's production proposal are: the increase in productivity, which has doubled, tripled compared to the previous one and the addition of color bars in the machine that allowed us to have a very high color gamut that brings us closer to cold printing.

Our customer uses the following products

J-Print SP


  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Ceramic
  • Wood
  • Paper
  • Fibre Cement

Machine Type:

  • Digital Printing