Straight or flexible? The answer is both!

Cefla Finishing Smartedge

Edges may be straight, but flexibility is what makes the difference when processing them. The more flexible your edge processing solution is, the more straightforward your production will be.

Smartedge copes perfectly with an increasing tendency for small batches and frequent demands for customisation, avoiding production bottlenecks and unprofitable downtime. Smartedge will finish any type of edge - sanding, coating, drying - from start to finish. No need to stop machinery for time-consuming adjustments according to edge shape or thickness. Disassembling the application head, re-aligning the components to handle a different edge can repeatedly hold up production. Our patented Edge&Go head for vacuum application technology enables continuous processing of different edges.

Same shape thickness adjustments between 16 and 50 mm take between 5 and 10 seconds. Edge shape changeovers using Edge&Go in no more than 15 seconds; for example, from a straight edge with a 3 mm radius to a J-Pull.

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