What makes industrial digital printing a viable solution for flooring?

Flooring digital industrial printing

Innate flexibility and a time-saver
One key advantage of this technology is the outstanding flexibility you benefit from in relation to changes in market trends and fashions. Even when running small batches that demand frequent set-up operations, time is saved thanks to fast line set-up, plus minimal stock of semi-finished goods.

Durability as a determining factor
Foot traffic resistance is one of the critical factors due to surface deterioration, especially in areas such as hotel foyers, corridors, offices, showrooms, schools and retail environments where there is a constant flow of people. Flooring durability is these cases is regulated by the EN 15468 and EN 13329 standards governing laminate floor coverings. In each case, Cefla Finishing has accomplished the required tests reaching AC4 and AC5 (Abrasion Criteria) standards for its digitally printed laminates.

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