Aerospace industry: technologies for high precision finishing

Italian and international companies specialised in the production of components for the aerospace industry have extremely stringent quality standards. Quality trumps quantity, and all manufactured components must meet or exceed the required specifications. To ensure that only top quality components are produced, companies active in this industry must adopt state-of-the-art technologies and processes.


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Aerospace industry: finishing challenges for components

The aerospace industry requires high quality coating finishes for its aircraft, helicopters and satellites. Aerospace coatings must be able to withstand corrosion and wear stress over time. Additionally, components for aircraft and spacecraft must withstand extreme temperatures, ultraviolet radiation and other environmental factors. 
To ensure compliance with these standards, it is essential to use only the best technologies. This is why suppliers must have gained specific experience in designing finishing lines for the aerospace industry.


Requirements of finishing solutions for the aerospace industry

The requirements for aerospace coating solutions depend on the type of application: there are many different components that need to be machined, coated and finished. The coating requirements for mechanical components will be different from those of aircraft interiors or exteriors. However there are common characteristics:

  • Impeccable quality - the amount of coating product applied must be consistent to obtain a homogeneous, top quality finish.
  • Resistance to time and weathering: the surface finish must withstand extreme temperatures and environmental conditions, corrosion and wear.
  • Flexibility: one coating line used to finish a variety of components needs to be flexible throughout the process phases (finishing, drying and handling.)
  • Minimised Weight: weight is a critical issue for aerospace components. The thickness of the finishing coat must be adjusted to ensure proper substrate protection without applying unnecessarily thick coating layers.
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Finishing technology applications for the aerospace industry

Aerospace finishing technologies can be used for different components, made of carbon fibre, aluminium or other high-tech materials.
A vast range of raw materials are used, as well as a number of technologies including:

Application fields

Below are some aerospace industry specific application areas and finished products:


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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

01 What are the advantages of roller coating?

High flexibility in terms of output rate and choice of cycles/processes according to the line make-up.

Zero solvent emissions thanks to 95% use of products with high dry residue (UV) content.

Possibility of using the roller technique for any application on all flat surfaces.

02 What are the advantages of spray coating?
Firstly, spray coating ensures all sides of the piece are covered. Secondly, the product shape is unimportant and, since it is not a contact-type coating, different tolerances between products are compensated for automatically.
03 Can I buy spare parts directly via the machine?
Yes, cMaster now features a Spare Parts section (available on enabled machines). This feature lets you put in a request directly via the virtual Web App cart, thus speeding up the spare parts management and retrieval process.
04 Is there a maintenance service available in my area?
Our network of distributors and branches stretches across the globe. Finding the service you need in your country should be easy. Alternatively, we can send spare parts and technicians directly from our headquarters in just a few days.