Great ways to add value and creativity to
plastic architectural products


Stampa digitale su pannelli architetturali

Interior covering panels made in plastic or folding doors in PVC acquire a completely different aesthetic value when they are decorated using an industrial digital printer.

The automatic process is simple and other than requiring experience to set up the parameters, which is something our digital printing specialists will sort out initially, all it takes to transform a plastic surface into a small work of art is the creative touch. And with a digital printer, the output can be as little as one unique product designed and produced for one customer.

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Versatile and ensuring excellent quality

Plastic elements will initially pass through a roller coater for base coat application. Our Smartcoater PRO handles this stage before the product is run through a UV-R oven for first-stage drying. Once ready, the line automatically transfers the product to a J-Print SP single pass printer to reproduce a digital image, which can be anything from a photograph to a replica wood effect. A superficial protective coating layer is applied prior to final drying, again performed with UV lamps.

Easy customisation opportunities

Setting the parameters for this type of line will take into consideration the exact nature of the substrate material and its thickness which can be as little as 3 mm in the case of panel thickness (even if the wall of the panel may itself only be 1 mm). The final effect is impressive and provides the opportunity to respond to demands for customised decorations without generating excessive production costs, thanks to the versatility of digital printing technology.

Put your creativity to the test

Industrial digital printing is a fast-growing technique which enables market-oriented flexibility and superior creativity. We will be glad to illustrate its full potential at our 3000 sqm laboratory where you and your technicians can become familiar with the technology and unleash your creativity.

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Wir sind der Überzeugung, dass technologische Forschung und kontinuierliche Innovation zum Erreichen zufriedenstellender Ergebnisse unerlässlich sind. 

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