Coating requirements for fashion items such as glasses

Finishing lines for flat panels are one thing, integrated finishing solutions for eyewear are another. Our experience and eagerness to find an answer which improves efficiency and performance have enabled us to design a finishing line with a bespoke configuration.

Addressing the need to accommodate fast-changing trends regarding shape, material and colour, the line is designed to coat either plastic or metallic elements. Aesthetic quality is as important as the functional (protective) characteristics obtained by the coating substance and perfected by the coating process.

Exceptional flexibility and no need to program the equipment

Hooked onto a rotating winder which spins beneath a series of spray guns, different elements of the glasses are coated at high speeds and overspray is dealt with using water filters. Such a set-up enables coating to be performed efficiently without programming special trajectories. Furthermore, the system will adapt quickly to different coating products and changeover procedures are fast for enhanced flexibility. Performed inside a pressurized area, sealed off from an external environment, high-quality coating is achieved.
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The machines that form the starting point for this custom-built line

Based on a spray coating concept similar to those found on our standard machines – Mito or iBotic –  the spraying stage is followed by an oven similar to Aquadry that uses infrared lamps.
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Tailored solutions are possible drawing from a range with so many different technologies

Thanks to a vast selection of finishing solutions and a 3000 sqm laboratory where we can experiment and develop customised equipment, our process specialists can adapt each technology to the majority of customer-specific requirements. Much more than a standard wooden panel, we have developed integrated lines for glasses, helmets, musical instruments, solar panels, motor vehicle dashboards, ceramic slabs, almost anything.
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