So many ways to cook an egg and a few good ways to coat a cooking pan

One of the requirements we often deal with is the coating of cooking utensils, especially those pots and pans requiring non-stick surface treatments.
This is a process we have looked at and one way to structure it is as follows, even though each customer may have specific needs.

In that case, our 360° knowledge of surface enhancement technologies allows us to customise a line or a single piece of equipment to account for customer-specific parameters or objectives. Let’s imagine an integrated line offering high volumes of Teflon coating and water or solvent-based coatings.

Normally we would advise a U-shaped layout, the first linear section dedicated to Teflon coating performed on 5 in-line roller coaters such as Smartcoater Pro and relevant ovens, either hot air or using IR lamps.  Each Smartcoater Pro on the outward run will handle a coating (Teflon) volume of 10 g/sqm. After the U-turn, a battery of 5 more such roller coaters can be used to apply a further 10 g/sqm of water or solvent-based coating to the product (still in its flat panel form) followed by the relevant number of ovens. The coated panels would then exit the line via an oven running at 500°C.

Producers of cooking utensils will all have a specific distinctive need. Our process experts will therefore examine the requirement and advise on how to generate efficiency by implementing cost-saving strategies as well as suggesting tailored solutions to reach quality objectives or increased productivity.
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