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J-Print SP is an advanced series of single-pass printers born from the synergy between Jetset's many years of experience in designing and customising digital machines and Cefla's unequalled expertise in the manufacture of coating and decoration machines and systems for a range of substrates, including wood and its derivates, plastic and glass.


J-PRINT SP is an advanced series of single-pass printers, equipped with industrial print heads, capable of feeding UV-curable inks, and designed for integration into completely digital and hybrid single-pass printing environments. The modular printing bars can be configured to handle effectively unlimited print widths. J-PRINT SP's advanced technology allows it to run at speeds up to 50 linear metres per minute.

J-PRINT SP can be configured from 4 standard positions up to a maximum of 8 positions. Its graphics software enables it to print high definition multi-colour images with its high quality print heads.

J-PRINT SP is equipped with its own UV-LED pinning/drying station.

J-PRINT SP employs a system which circulates the ink through the print heads, thus reducing the frequency of cleaning cycles. The specially designed ink reservoirs, continuous agitation system and automatic control of all critical parameters including temperature, flow and circuit pressure, assure optimal ink management.

J-PRINT SP implements the market leading gray-scale DOD (Drop on Demand) technology as standard supply.


  • Perfect for high-quality, high-throughput industrial printing
  • Handles both rigid and flexible substrates
  • Standard widths from 250 mm to 1550 mm
  • Ideal for UV inks, compatible with water-based, solvent and ceramic inks
  • Adapted for a variety of substrates, including wood derivates, plastic, fibre cement, metal
  • Vacuum belt conveyor for secure substrate handling



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