Assembled or non-assembled, a window needs a finish

Whether you are finishing windows once they have been assembled or processing the components prior to their assembly, our machines will complete a finishing line suited to your scenario, focusing on production efficiency, cost efficiency and final product quality.

Overhead lines are a solution for assembled frames. In this case, we would suggest a configuration built around two key elements: iFlow to manage the impregnation stage and iGiotto to complete spray coating. These will be integrated into a line featuring, for example, elevator systems, reading barriers, drying solutions etc.
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For non-assembled frames, the process can be performed on vertical lines as well as on another group of machines developed specially for impregnation and drying such as Lineflow and Dryflow, as well as sealing solutions such as Talent. Such horizontal lines are convenient when integrated with the brushing and coating stages.

Some manufacturers will however prefer to use vertical lines for non-assembled frames. This is simply a space-efficient solution, as you can hang a greater number of frame parts on the line than you would be able to if the frames were assembled.
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Overhead process on a vertical line

To start the process, iFlow handles the impregnation stage using flow coating, essential for deep-down protection and staining of wood. This is followed by a 40-minute hot-air drying stage prior to base coat application performed by iGiotto, the anthropomorphic robot which uses pre-defined spraying trajectories that are programmed or automatically established by a 3D reading barrier. iGiotto applies 150 g/sqm of coating which is then dried for 90 minutes using hot air. Manual sanding precedes the application of a transparent coat of water-based lacquer suitable for external environments (150 g/ sqm). Final drying can last 2 hours, again using hot air.
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Process for non-assembled material

Non-assembled frames can be processed on vertical, horizontal or mixed lines. An integrated line moving pieces horizontally will be composed of equipment performing similar tasks for non-assembled parts and the times indicated above or the grammage applied will be the same. The advantage of the horizontal line, using Lineflow and Dryflow, is that the sanding operations are accomplished efficiently by the equipment and intermediate sanding does not need to be performed manually when the workpieces are then placed on the vertical line for spray coating.
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Our experience across the globe, where requirements are different according to climate and also according to the variety of woods used for windows, enables us to tailor the line on a case-by-case basis. We are also happy to invite our customers to test their products and lacquers on our machines at the world’s largest Finishing Laboratory in Imola, Italy. This helps them define the optimum parameters for a perfect process.

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