Thermoplastic multi-wall panels

Producers of thermoplastic sheets, used internally or externally in the construction industry, will be aware of the market’s need to utilise products that withstand constant exposure to UV light and physical wear and tear.

Moulded or extruded panels in different plastics such as PVC, PC, PMMA or similar, are a cost-efficient solution for countless exterior applications, but they will turn yellow over time if not properly treated. Anti-yellowing additives can be used in the plastic itself, as well as colourings, but when a manufacturer needs to be as flexible as possible, it is simpler and certainly more economical to intervene on the coating process for anti-yellowing or chromatic variations.

Making your twin or multi-wall panels look good and last longer

Flexible, cost-efficient coating processes can easily enhance the value of these panels. By using anti-yellowing finishes in any colour you wish, production will not suffer costly downtimes if you were to intervene at a previous stage.

Our diverse coating technologies adapt appropriately to the panel/surface you need to coat. Roller coating equipment for flat surfaces, spray coating solutions for uneven surfaces and corrugated panels.
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According to the finish required, glossy or matt, we will advise the most suitable line configuration.

For high-gloss finishes, we can supply equipment to be used in a dust-free environment and provide a roller coater which incorporates a special cleaning device for the counter-roller. Manufacturers wanting to obtain a deep matt effect can integrate our excimer matting ovens that work on both flat and raised panel surfaces.
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Expertise and the widest choice of finishing technologies

Making the right choice is only possible when you can evaluate several factors and even simulate key stages of your production process, from handling to coating and drying, avoiding bottlenecks or unnecessary downtime.

Our team of experts has experience in all areas and will guide you in your choice of a solution, assessing your production targets, available floorspace, the degree of flexibility you demand and any other factors that may require a tailor-made configuration.

For example, our experience in hard coating technologies for PMMA sheets is one area which will also help us fine-tune a solution and apply it to your case.
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As these products gain space in the construction industry, we are acquiring more and more experience to provide manufacturers of thermoplastic panels and sheets with an integrated finishing line that addresses each requirement with a view to ensuring cost efficiency while enhancing the value of the finished product.

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How to optimise roller coating technologies for a growing variety of products and substrates

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