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Part of the Istanbul based Zorlu Holding, the Vestel Group is a leading global manufacturer of domestic and professional appliances located in Manisa, Turkey. Further to being one of the world’s largest manufacturers of television sets and white goods as Vestel, the Zorlu Holding is also active in the following market sectors: textile, energy, mining, mobile phones and information technologies. Cefla Finishing has been supplying Vestel with complete coating and spraying lines for over a decade. Consistent quality, flexibility and high productivity standards are the key benefits Vestel has appreciated, especially with regard to the TV frame finishing line delivered in 2013.

Ömer Gökçe Kuyucu, Vestel’s Surface Engineer and Production Manager, pointed out the reasons behind the long-standing partnership with Cefla: “This is probably the biggest innovation we have implemented in our production process. What is fundamental when you choose to innovate in such a big way is having a partner who is always available to support you and your team. Cefla satisfied all our needs. Operators working on the line found the technology easy to handle, so the benefits for our company were immediate.”

Ömer continued: “Vestel products are judged for their design as well as the technological standards and price. We are also committed as a company to respecting the environment and report to CDP and GRI, two of the major international entities concerning sustainability."

"Cefla has introduced us to recyclable water-based paints, helping us further with respect to environmental issues.” In conclusion, Ömer underlined how important it is to have a partner who is ready to share their knowledge and experience with a customer.

“The relationship we have with Cefla is so reassuring because they are always ready to listen to our needs, understand them and actively provide support.”

When asked why he would recommend Cefla, Ömer answered: “The main reason is that Cefla delivers innovative solutions and is totally open when it comes to working with a customer. I always feel I can ask Cefla for advice on any project and they will help. This open attitude is rare and reinforces our partnership. On one hand we benefit by having access to the latest technologies, on the other hand we enjoy the practical support on a day-to-day basis.”

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