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ECOGEL is a fast, extremely modular in-line drying system.


The ECOGEL E modular system is a modern, effective, flexible solution to in-line drying needs. Extremely practical thanks to its continuous panel conveyor system. The oven contains a laminar hot air flow with adjustable recirculation, in the opposite direction to panel feed. Hold time inside the oven can be adjusted on the basis of panel feed speed. Drying takes just a few minutes, making this system ideal for the flash-off or rapid drying of paints with low dry residue. Also recommended for flash-off in glue applications.


  • Automatic ventilation air temperature control
  • Can be fitted with IR lamps
  • Insulated structure for energy saving
  • Extremely practical thanks to its integral continuous conveyor system


01 Ecogel mps

The Ecogel MPS configuration is the latest frontier in the development of the in-line UV drying technology, perfect for high quality finishes: it guarantees the maximum uniformity of colour and opacity across the surface and minimal solvent emission. A high power UV lamp (Mercury or Gallium) emits radiation which strikes the layer of paint applied to the panels by means of convex reflectors placed at a decreasing distance from the panels. This gradual increase in UV emission power considerably reduces gelation time and energy use. This configuration is an excellent alternative to the low power TL lamps normally used. It should thus be installed downstream of solvent evaporation and upstream of direct irradiation with high power UV lamps for final curing of the surface layer.

02 Ecogel ald

The ALD configuration combines the action of the laminar air flow and UV radiation. It is the most flexible solution for the rapid evaporation of solvents from paints (applied by curtain coaters or sprayers), prior to UV drying. This oven's strong points are its very convenient use, its modularity and the quality of the finishes produced. Complete with a continuous panel conveyor system, it can be fitted with low pressure UV lamps for gelation to ensure a completely powder-free interior.

03 Configurations
  • Ecogel E: hot air drying oven, with laminar flow, for flash-off or drying of glues and paints with low dry residue
  • Ecogel MPS: in-line UV drying for high-quality finishes
  • Ecogel ALD: combined action of laminar air flow and UV radiation, suitable for evaporating solvents from paints


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