Simplicity, efficiency and coating consistency

These are the 3 principal benefits of our patented system for products similar to motorcycle helmets, compared to manual spray coating operations or anthropomorphic robots. But let’s take a look at why we designed this solution.

Faced with a spherical product such as a motorcycle helmet or small products in which 3D geometries are involved, most companies will either use manual spraying solutions or an anthropomorphic robot. 

Such products, which are often made of thermoplastic polymers, PC, PVC or ABS, are unsuitable for overhead lines, so our aim was to find a floor-mounted system enabling a non-stop coating and curing process.

Reducing cost, complexity and inconsistent quality

Whereas manual coating techniques may appear economical, there is an issue with coating consistency and poor transfer efficiency leads to substantial lacquer wastage and avoidable costs. A line set up with anthropomorphic robots will ensure consistent quality, but the initial investment may scare off some companies and the operator will need to program the complex coating trajectories for each batch of different products. Other solutions exist based on lines with fixed spray guns which are unable to guarantee coating precision due to their lack of flexibility.
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Floor-mounted, vertical reciprocating coating line

With a moderate investment, a floor-mounted system, in which the products stand vertically and rotate at set speeds, passing the reciprocator for coating and moving on to the drying stage (either hot air or UV curing), ensures coating consistency and a significant reduction in coating consumption compared to manual spraying.

Operators can adjust the parameters governing spray gun movements and set different rotation speeds for the products. These are simple tasks that require no special skills. This ensures adequate flexibility and once the line is running, there is no need to interrupt production until the product changes.

Moreover, coating can be performed in pressurized booths to avoid contamination by dust, especially if the line foresees an upstream deionisation stage, almost certainly the case for motorcycle helmets.
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Broad experience and tailored solutions based on the widest range of finishing equipment

With 60 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing automatic finishing systems, our specialists are at your disposal to evaluate the most appropriate integrated solution. Once we understand your product, your needs and your business objectives, we will work with you to define an exclusive solution. And before we implement it, we can test it with you and your products at our Finishing Laboratory in Italy, China or the USA.
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