Roller coating technology

Furniture roller coating

Today, we focus on roller coating on all flat surfaces. If the panels have flat surfaces that present a sharp edge, the lacquers are normally applied by roller coaters and/or curtain coaters, to obtain finishes with any degree of gloss.

Our customers are demanding innovation. They want to be in control of the process, of performance, versatility of their production line. They demand maximum flexibility for different products and wish to manage the process in terms of productivity and applied lacquer quantities. They opt for easy-to-use equipment, enabling them to see the rollers, the lacquer and the scraper blades.

They are careful to limit consumables, in terms of the amount of lacquer applied and a reduction in solvents used for cleaning, but also by reducing the time required for cleaning operations.

Who we are talking to:
▸ Manufacturers of cabinet doors
▸ Manufacturers of flooring
▸ Manufacturers of doors and panels in general

Materials processed:
▸ Wood and derivatives
▸ Glass
▸ Cork
▸ Plastic
▸ Fibre cement

▸ Optimum flexibility to cope with different needs and performance levels
▸ Automatic systems and controls to manage the coating process
▸ Saving time on cleaning procedures


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