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Today’s innovative solutions cover all current market requirements,
can be tailored within an integrated production context and are geared up to tomorrow’s market scenario.

Horizontal spraying robots

High-capacity spraying robots for ultra-high finishing quality. Our selection of robots for horizontal applications provides flexibility and speed together with computerised accuracy, achieved even in oscillating mode, working with the load on the move. Our anthropomorphic robot with 6 axes integrates the best painting technologies with maximum flexibility in the handling of 3D objects. Configurations with one or two robots operate in motionless bench mode or oscillating (ROC) mode. In tracking mode with two robots operating on the same object simultaneously, processing times are cut substantially.
Get full details about our horizontal spraying robots and watch how they work.


iBotic is the interpolated axis Cartesian spraying robot, with one or two arms, perfect for high production capacities and unbeatable quality.

iGiotto App and iGiotto App X2

Maximum flexibility and excellence for painting 3D objects. The iGiottoApp technology is the state of the art in automation integrated in the finishing field.

Oscillating Spraying Machines

Ranging from user-friendly, one or two-arm, oscillating spray machines for small to medium needs, to more heavy-duty equipment handling large production volumes, our offering spans all customary requirements and incorporates the latest technological benefits we have developed for countless industries. Each solution can be personalised to a degree which will respond to the need for production efficiency, flexibility, ease of maintenance.
Different substrates, raised or flat panels, special software, 3D reading barriers.
Identify your requirement and we will provide the correct answer.
Discover each one of our automatic spray-coating machines to find the one best-suited to your needs.


MITO is the oscillating spray machine, suitable for the application of any type of water or solvent-based paint or glue. It is ideal for small to medium sized businesses that are looking for flexibility and productivity as well as cost-effective use.


One-arm oscillating spray machine. One-arm oscillating spray machine. Perfect for businesses upgrading from manual to automatic spraying.


Easy is the easy-to-use two-arm oscillating spray machine developed to provide finishes of the very highest quality. It can provide the basis for complex systems, especially to meet high-volume production needs.


ROCTRE is the high-productivity two-arm oscillating spray machine ideal for matt and gloss finishes. Roctre is also able to apply large quantities of paint.

Rotary or elliptical spraying machines

Perfect for those looking for high performance in terms of productivity and unmatched speed without compromising quality. The high number of guns in these spraying machines allows uniformity in the application.


Elispray combines high-level productivity with superior matt or gloss finishing quality, perfect for cabinet doors. 


Rotostain is a spray machine with a circular rotating system for applying coatings of all kinds to flat and profiled panels.

Vertical Spraying Robots

Ideal for spraying large objects such as window frames or objects with a complex shape, our anthropomorphic vertical spraying robots guarantee application quality and uniformity. Sophisticated software solutions enable operators to schedule single painting cycles, establishing and controlling all movements.


iGiotto is the complete system for coating large-sized objects, such as door and window fixtures, or any other objects with a complex shape.


Wincoater is a reciprocating coating system for overhead conveyors.

Spray booths

Designed and built in full compliance with all current standards, our pressurised booths ensure excellent output quality thanks to removal of dust and atomised particulates while maintaining constant temperature and internal airflow.

Spray booths

Designed and built in full compliance with all current standards, our pressurised booths ensure excellent output quality thanks to removal of dust and atomised particulates while maintaining constant temperature and internal airflow. 

Pressurized booths

Cefla booths, with dry filtration or water curtain, are ideal for firms producing manufactured goods of the highest quality, where manual skills and professional expertise are essential factors.

Products and Solutions

The search function is now available for complete production lines. All you need to do is select the material involved, the market sector or the finished product. Whichever search criteria is used, a corresponding solution for your spray coating line is obtained in just 3 steps. Search results will indicate the most suitable solution, based on the level of flexibility required, the productivity range and the overall footprint. Solutions are classified as small (S), medium (M) or large (L).

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