Circular Rotation Spraying System | Cefla Finishing

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Rotostain is the ideal machine for high-speed coating requirements. Thanks to its large number of spray guns, this machine prevents application defects caused by uneven product distribution.


Rotostain is equipped with a continuous carbon fibre belt (CFB) conveyor system, which allows efficient recovery of overspray for subsequent reuse and ensures high transfer-efficiency, a clean panel underside and uniform application on the edges and face of panels. It comprises a patented belt paint recovery and cleaning system comprising a counter-turning product recovery roller, cleaning rollers, scrapers and tanks; solvent consumption is minimised.

The air flow inside the booth is kept constantly free from paint powder and dust thanks to the patented Plenum.
Overspray is sucked through efficient, extremely low-maintenance two-stage dry filters. This system is particularly suitable for water-based paints.
The spray gun rotation unit can be fitted with 10 or 20 guns and supplied by 1 or 2 circuits, with recycling. The paint distribution joint is complete with rotation speed variator, electric lifting system and gun open/close solenoid valves.

The incoming piece profile reading barrier ensures spray guns are only opened with workpieces present. The system also has a touch-screen PLC control panel for managing and saving work programs.


  • CFB conveyor system: guarantees maximum overspray recovery
  • Patented paint recovery system
  • Patented plenum: ensures impeccably clean air inside booth



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