Spray-coating solutions for exterior doors. Automation designed to achieve better results

There are many opportunities that come directly or indirectly from line automation. Overhead lines for coating exterior doors are one example of how automation improves coating consistency, lacquer consumption, productivity, and how it saves your operators from manual tasks that can be time-consuming and physically taxing.

An overhead line equipped with an iGiotto anthropomorphic spraying robot and a drying tunnel can be completed with performance-boosting features and an elevator system which hoists the doors from floor level to transport height along the overhead lines.

Step by step towards enhanced performance

Once the doors are up on the line, saving your operator from lifting them on manually in the case of an elevator system, the spraying operations are performed by an anthropomorphic robot. The line can be set up with one or two iGiotto robots. With two machines operating opposite each other, doors are coated front and rear to boost productivity. This can be further increased with the 3-gun wrist feature, available on iGiotto.

The 3-gun wrist feature halves the spraying time that would be required with just two guns as it avoids the need to use both forward and backward trajectories on raised surfaces, characteristic of the majority of exterior doors.
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As the robotic arm is full insulated, iGiotto can be combined with a direct-charge electrostatic system improving transfer efficiency and preserving the filters of the dry spray booth. Another benefit of the automated line is its ability to adapt to production flow speeds.

If required, iGiotto will slow down or automatically interrupt the flow of the doors if additional spraying time is needed.
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The process in greater detail

Initially, iGiotto will coat the doors with a water-based lacquer suitable for external environments. The quantity of coating will be 150 g/sqm on average. This step is followed by a 90-minute drying session using heated air. Manual sanding will be required before the final coloured coating layer is applied, again with iGiotto and again using 150 g/sqm. Two hours in the drying tunnel will be sufficient to complete the finishing process.

Because each customer, product or factory will have different demands and situations, our finishing specialists will be able to advise on the most appropriate line configuration and simulate the process before defining full details. We also have a fully functioning laboratory where you can test your own doors and lacquers to evaluate the parameters with real data.

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