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Tecnologie di essiccazione

Forming an essential part of the finishing process, drying is usually performed in industrial ovens developed according to the type and composition of the lacquer used for the coating. In some instances, drying can be carried out in heated booths with forced ventilation to accelerate the process. Different drying parameters will affect the results obtained, so the key to providing the best solution is to understand the customer’s requirement in detail and adjust or customise the drying solution to achieve the correct balance between cost, efficiency and performance.

According to the needs of the finished product, a customer may on one hand require a surface which resists wear and tear; on the other hand, the customer may be looking for aesthetic performance rather than mechanical resistance. In some cases, both factors will be important. This makes it vital to approach a request regarding the drying phase on a case-by-case basis, and this is how we do it.

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Drying technology

A wide range of drying solutions

As we manufacture all types of finishing systems using water-based or solvent-based paints as well as 100% acrylic UV lacquers, it is only normal that we provide the appropriate drying solutions. Then, when it comes to tailoring the oven to suit the application and customer desirables for the finished product, we will define the parameters based on our experience in this sector.

Customers may require a compact solution to cope with limited floorspace. They may also be looking to maximise energy efficiency. Flexibility is a growing demand and challenge as the market requests smaller production batches without forgoing productivity. Each of our solutions will allow a high degree of personalisation to address all of these issues.

The industrial ovens in our range

In-line ovens

A complete selection of ovens which integrate into a finishing line designed for water-based paints. These ovens (e.g. AQUADRY) use high-speed hot air and high infrared radiation capacity (with optional IR lamps) to reduce drying times and maintain productivity.

ECOGEL is a modular, flexible oven for solvent-based paints, also used for flash-off, again with optional IR lamps.

We also supply ovens for glass panels and in-line ovens for mouldings.

Vertical ovens

A space-efficient solution is a vertical oven where pieces are dried statically or a drying tunnel for an overhead conveyor. The latest innovation in vertical ovens gave rise to OMNIDRY which moves pieces on a vertical course. Featuring patented FLEXPRO technology, this oven recognises the shape and size of incoming pieces enabling maximum flexibility without needing to stop the flow each time a different piece enters the oven. An entire cycle can be managed without operator intervention and without ever stopping production.

UV curing ovens

Our two UV ovens are ideal for UV lacquers.

The UV-R, available in different configurations, is a compact, versatile, efficient machine, easily integrated even into complex finishing lines.

The latest UV-I oven ensures benefits in terms of crosslinking performance of the coating layer because it performs curing in an inert atmosphere, where oxygen is replaced by nitrogen. This also enhances sustainability because the lacquer used can contain up to 70% less photoinitiator, an expensive component which is also environmentally harmful. It also reduces the need for UV lamps, thereby cutting energy costs compared to traditional UV curing solutions. 

Excimer ovens

Addressing the trend for deep matt finishes, we have developed an excimer matting oven comprising various patented technologies.

Available to handle raised panels (EXYDRY-Z version) as well as flat panels, our EXYDRY oven is a concept designed to obtain soft-touch, resistant surfaces with a lasting fingerprint-proof effect and deep matt finish.

Whatever the requirement, whatever the composition of the lacquer used, our complete range of industrial ovens will cover all needs and each machine can be tailored to obtain the desired performance of the coating. Let’s define the parameters together and test the results at our LAB.

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