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Flexpro (patented) is the innovative Omnidry system able to recognise the characteristics of the incoming pieces and adjust the passage height accordingly, in a completely automatic procedure. It is able to manage the entire cycle without operator intervention and without ever stopping production.


With the revolutionary FLEXPRO function (patented), the new Omnidry range of vertical ovens represents the final frontier in vertical drying.

Thanks to Flexpro, passage height can be automatically varied on the basis of piece height. Its extreme operating flexibility and versatility in response to logistical requirements make Omnidry perfect, not only for very high output lines, but also for robotic application lines, where greater flexibility is required. This latest-generation oven maintains all the outstanding characteristics of the standard Cefla vertical oven, since it can carry out flash off, drying and cooling all in one (even for paints that need longer drying times), while minimising the use of floor space. Flexpro is the perfect blend of productivity and flexibility. Passage height adjustment is totally automatic, and the system can manage the entire cycle without operator intervention and without ever stopping production.

The new Omnidry can be equipped with a roller conveyor system combined with "rack" trays for piece collection and cyclic transportation inside the oven, or with conveyor belt systems, combined with motor-operated "belt" trays.


  • FLEXPRO patented function for automatic passage height control
  • Drive system in bottom of oven:
  • Extreme modularity: Omnidry can be expanded with an additional 2, 3 or 4 sections.
  • Flexible system layout
  • Independent ventilation for each section. Can also be used for flash-off, drying or cooling


01 Configurations
  • Omnidry is available in configurations with 2, 4 or 6 sections
  • It can be equipped with RACK or BELT trays


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