Painting and digital printing on ceramics

Technological innovation frees the ceramic decorator from existing constraints and opens the doors to new markets. Thanks to the innovative Cefla Finishing solutions, the available creative options have never been so vast.

New colour shades are available for processes characterised by unprecedented colour rendering levels.

Innovation, however, goes beyond an enhanced colour gamut. The new processes cut energy costs and allow quality, customization and efficiency to be effectively combined.

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Costumization of ceramic surface decoration

A revolution in the world of interior design

With our new processes, any image can now be printed on ceramics of any size, from huge slabs to mosaic. Slabs that are all different, all unique, and that faithfully reproduce any RAL or pantone colour, are now a reality.

Customization is now key in the ceramic decoration sector, leading to a brand new aesthetic approach. Ceramic is used to cover vertical surfaces and whole walls. This is how suggestive settings come into being... generating emotion, telling stories.

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Finishing technologies for ceramics

Three innovative Cefla Finishing processes for ceramic decoration

With our partners who are manufacturers of inks and paints, we have updated established methods and developed brand new processes and solutions for digital ceramic printing.

Low and high temperature digital printing and the solid colour process are the three methods created to enhance the inherent features of ceramics. Cefla Finishing processes expand creative possibilities and reduce energy costs.

Low temperature digital printing on ceramic

Low-temperature digital printing

Suitable for any type of customization, without minimum production quantities. The low temperature drying process will not alter colour and significantly reduces production costs. Surface finishes range from high gloss to deep matt.

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High temperature digital printing on ceramic

High-temperature digital printing

A traditional technique that has been optimized thanks to Cefla Finishing's know-how. It features outstanding productivity, high image definition and all the expressive power of vitrifiable colours. The glossy surface finish enhances the brightness of precious pigments: gold, platinum and lustre.

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Solid color digital printing on ceramic

Solid colour process

Completely redesigned to eliminate any imperfections, enhance the colour range and improve productivity. Any RAL or Pantone colours can be faithfully reproduced because they are not altered by a final firing stage. Colour can thus express all its strength and turn a room into a living experience.

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Decoration on ceramic advantagies

The technologies of Cefla Finishing ceramic machinery

Each ceramic decoration process uses different technologies, designed to create customized and efficient solutions. They are the result of decades of research and continuous innovation.

Learn more about digital printing and coating techniques for decorating ceramics in this webinar.

Ceramic decoration

Machinery for ceramics: find the perfect solution for you

Are you looking for the ideal solution for your coating line? All you have to do is select the material you process, and your line of business or finished product. In just 3 steps, we will give you some solutions built around our finishing systems, divided according to level of flexibility, production range and footprint.

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