There’s more to surface finishing than meets the eye


When you are dealing with fibre cement or cement-bonded products, one thing is the surface finish, another is what happens beneath the surface, to the structure of the product.

In the first case you will be looking at the aesthetic qualities, aiming for an attractive finish, for example for an architectural siding. In the second case you will be concerned with achieving structural characteristics that ensure your siding will stand the test of time. Each of these aspects is a fundamental requisite that the finishing process must cater for: surface enhancement and structural enhancement.

By taking care of the functional characteristics of your fibre cement product, you are effectively guaranteeing its value over time, setting the quality of your product at a higher level. Mould, hailstorms, pollution and even vandalism may affect the external surface, efflorescence is an issue for the internal structure.

Manufacturers and processors of fibre cement composite products are increasingly looking for water-repellent products that increase resistance to weathering and avoid the lamination of subsequent aesthetic layers, as well as preventing deterioration caused by extreme temperature fluctuations.

It is crucial to avoid the formation of mould, fungus, moss and rot, and last but not least, help resistance to external factors with products to ensure surface hardness against vandalism (incisions) and washable, anti-graffiti surfaces.

In the case of corrugated roofing sheets, products are needed that allow breathability so that normal thermal expansion due to climate change does not damage the aesthetics of the product, preventing water absorption, freeze-thaw damage, growth of fungi, algae and moss, and providing UV resistance.

Our experience at your disposal

All these issues are well known to us and we have the necessary experience to guide you in the choice of finishing technologies to enhance the value of your product. For sidings, flat boards, corrugated sheets, slates, tiles or other roof fittings and accessories, we have a tried and tested solution.

From the initial priming to the final coat, our solutions for fibre cement products such as roof tiles or sidings are numerous. Let’s discuss your needs and find the right combination of equipment to handle your product. But first, check out our experience in finishing cement-bonded materials.

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