UBIQUO service opportunities

Ubiquo Service Cefla Finishing

What’s the advantage of having masses of data at your disposal if you can only implement a negligible amount of actions using those data? Data for data’s sake is more of a burden than a benefit.

Thanks to full remote access to installed machinery, UBIQUO experts use the data and turns them into service opportunities, giving end-users preferential access to technical support, spare parts, technology updates and training. Unlimited access to processing data at all times enables ongoing control of production, so whenever an issue arises, diagnosis and the appropriate solution are at hand.

Moreover, UBIQUO facilitates the connection between a customer’s different IT platforms and the data acquired by the software can be elaborated easily and shared to maximise its value. Data from a connected machine regarding overall productivity will always be of greater value than those of non-connected equipment. Further developments should soon see Artificial Intelligence contributing to broaden the range of services and the times in which they are readily available.

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