How many car parts can we help you coat with our technologies?

interior and exterior components

An increasing number of parts are subject to coating on finishing lines, both interior and exterior components. As more and more elements are essentially plastic, the finishing process is required to enhance the quality of these components and ensure consistency. Being able to control processing parameters with extreme precision and performing coating in a fully automatic manner optimises the outcome.

Watch the animation to see which parts we can handle on our integrated finishing lines, including technologies that prepare, coat and dry the products:


  • instrument panel
  • dashboard
  • air vents
  • central console
  • door switch panels
  • seat upholstery
  • boot bottom panel: resistant coatings


  • protective side trims on door panels
  • wheel rims
  • hub caps
  • brake shoes and brake pads: adhesive coating
  • radiator grille
  • window frames
  • side view mirrors
  • headlamps: transparent anti-scratch coatings
  • fuel tank door
  • parking sensors
  • spoiler
  • bumpers
  • side skirts
  • engine gaskets: special coatings

For each component, we have fine-tuned a technique or step-by-step process to bring benefits to the third party companies responsible for supplying the vehicle manufacturer with finished parts. These benefits are in terms of quality, productivity and ultimately cost-effectiveness.

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