There is more to glass than meets the eye

Glass coating decoration

This is especially true when you discover how many ways there are to enhance the surface of glass and how many reasons there are for doing so.

Firstly, you may be wanting to decorate the glass or create a frame around the panel. Take a look at our Framecoater. Your intention may just be to improve the functional characteristics of the panel, for example a solar panel. This is where our Solarcoater comes into play. Focusing on the key issues facing our customers today, thanks to our LAB and to collaboration with global players in the glass industry, we have developed solutions ensuring high-quality application uniformity, transfer efficiency and ease of use. Some of these are patented technologies and the full range covers roller coating equipment to spray coating lines, and includes drying solutions.

Our equipment is designed for simple usability, allowing untrained operators to get to grips with a machine as fast as possible. We also develop automated solutions to save on labour costs and improve coating consistency which helps you keep control over consumption and relevant costs.


Coats up to four perimetric sections of a glass sheet, thereby appearing as a frame. Avoids the need for manual coating.


Patented roller coating technology with remarkable application capacity allowing high coverage and uniformity.


Easy-to-use roller coating machine suitable for ceramic glazes and organic products. Maximum reliability and application uniformity.

Prima Glass

The ready-to-go spray solution to automate your glass decoration process. Extreme flexibility in colour changes.

Mito Glass

Reciprocating spray coating machine, easy to use and fit for frequent colour changeovers. Patented plenum accentuates transfer efficiency.


Ovens with a consolidate design, made to optimise air circulation and drying efficiency.


Cooling tunnel with high-speed air blade ventilation on both sides of glass sheet.


Patented roller coating technology applying anti-reflective coating with over 100 machines installed worldwide.

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