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Mito CO2 is suitable for application in lines with a flat bed feeding system, in which a thorough cleaning pre-treatment is required for process stability and final product quality. It is useful in sectors such as the automobile industry, for painting car interior parts, and for cleaning parts for electronics and optics applications.


Mito CO2 is the machine designed for cleaning plastic parts intended for painting to a high level of aesthetic quality finish, e.g. parts for car interiors painted glossy black; more generally, it is suitable for cleaning parts whenever accurate surface cleaning is required.

Carbon snow cleaning allows users to remove dust and small impurities leaving surfaces clean and perfectly dry without damaging them.

The carbon dioxide dry ice particles have such small dimensions that they will not etch a surface (hence the term "carbon snow") while at the same time reaching all the areas exposed to the jet.

Carbon snow is produced from liquid CO2: this allows for highly homogeneous application, without any problems resulting from the build-up of larger particles of dry ice which could clog the spray nozzles.



01 Oscillating arm

The dispensing nozzles are fixed to an oscillating axis on recirculating ball guides, driven by a belt controlled by a brushless motor to ensure even speed in all positions over the working stroke. Connected to the axis is the nozzle support which, moving crosswise to the feeding direction of the parts, allows all visible surfaces to be reached by the cleaning jet.

02 Dispensing nozzles

Carbon snow is produced through a system patented by our partner company. The number of nozzles depends on the line speed and the shape of the parts, and is adapted to cover the whole surface. A powerful compressed air jet for each nozzle generates carbon snow and gives the particles enough kinetic energy to produce a mechanical cleaning effect on the surfaces concerned; a homogeneous degreasing effect is obtained thanks to dry ice, due to the very high number of particles produced.

The power of the jet requires sufficiently heavy parts or parts securely fixed on support frames.

03 Removal of dust and contaminants by suction

The machine inside is shaped so as to direct a flow of air downwards, to drag the dust and contaminants suspended by the cleaning jets through the bars carrying the frames with the parts to be treated into the lower suction tank from which the dust and contaminants are extracted by a fan.

04 Safety and environment

The CO2 that is used for the production of carbon snow is usually a by-product of other generating processes from which it is recovered for other uses. The reuse of CO2 for part cleaning does not therefore increase the total production of CO2 but allows it to be used again before it is released into the environment - which would happen to the same extent if it were directly released by the processes that had produced it.

The machine is equipped with sensors to prevent excessive CO2 concentrations from harming the environment and the operators.

CO2 is used inside Mito CO2 which is kept under negative pressure conditions by suction. Mito CO2 is isolated inside a soundproofed enclosure.