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Track and control complex finishing lines with cTracker

cTracker is a powerful tool to monitor and control your finishing line from one single control point, answering the demands of companies, especially whose lines fall into one of these categories:

  • complex lines performing multiple processes
  • lines with several machines covering a large surface area
  • lines that require specific tracking capabilities
  • lines that will benefit from data sharing with an ERP

How cTracker responds to frequent needs issuing from the above scenarios

Managing a complex line from one single control point avoids the need to handle production changeovers on each single machine.

cTracker enables one operator to set up and control the entire line via a single monitor, without moving around the factory floor. This saves time and increases overall production efficiency.

Constant tracking, even of a single piece on the line enables the operator to switch shapes, thicknesses or even implement a colour changeover on the fly, without needing to empty the line each time, re-program the machines and re-start the line. This saves time and boosts productivity.

Keeping an eye on alarms arising from single machines on the line, being able to pinpoint issues without checking each phase of the process. This saves time by targeting each incident and identifying the solution faster.

cTracker is also able to integrate third party equipment into its management, supervision and tracking capabilities. This completes the overview of the finishing line and further centralises the abundance of data available from the entire line.

Gathering data, storing and sharing it with a company’s management software is a means of optimising production.

With cLink companies are empowered to maximise this asset to optimise workflows, perfect recipes and improve the efficiency of all connected systems.

Why cTracker is preferable to a specially-built software or SCADA?

Compared to standard solutions or one-off software from a developer, cTracker handles data from multiple sources and benefits from the vast experience Cefla Finishing has in this field. Manually gathering data from different machines is unnecessary, so there is no time lost in acquiring the required information.

cTracker is based around a powerful relational database, capable of managing alarms, generating reports, graphical data, extrapolating statistics and calculating statistical indices regarding line productivity based on OEE values.

Already incorporating remote assistance software, cTracker will enable technical support and intervention on each connected machine.

Featuring advanced multiple user management, cTracker can track all activities performed by the user operating the system at any time.

Tracking of single pieces is possible without the presence of RFID or QR code thanks to a sophisticated virtual tracking function integrated into cTracker software. This includes generating reports for batches or single pieces.


How and where cTracker will benefit the most

cTracker is recommended for spray and roller-coating lines, edge coating and will benefit companies processing not only wood and its derivatives, but also plastics, metals, glass and inert materials.

cTracker addresses critical issues and minimises major factors that will generate production inefficiency. One tool to track and control production from one single point, gathering all data and feeding them to and from the company’s management software is what our cTracker and cLink solutions take care of.

At power-up, cTracker displays a view of the line synoptic, with which the supervisor can interact to look into details of individual machines, as well as alarms, recipes, and so on. The user-friendly interface ensures traceability of processing data for each batch or individual workpiece in the line.



What are the other major benefits I obtain from cTracker

The greatest advantage offered by cTracker is that it is one of the enabling factors of the Smart Packs.

Remote assistance is a key issue in today’s fast-moving world and cTracker gives customers immediate access to all the benefits of our Smart Packs.  Instant connectivity allows for error diagnostics and debugging, enables us to verify operating parameters and check for correct interaction with other machines on the line, even the least sophisticated equipment.

cTracker also gives access to detailed consultancy included in the Efficiency Pack, aimed at maximising productivity. With a small software upgrade, access to the Reliability Pack opens the doors to an advanced maintenance contract to prevent downtimes and encourage savings.

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