Ensuring top quality paint finishing on flatbed coating lines

Coating Systems for Automotive sector

Today’s major car manufacturers are increasingly focused on sustainable mobility and lightweight vehicles; therefore, embellished plastic components are gaining space in car interiors. Paint finishing quality has to be top notch in order to counterbalance the growing use of plastic.

The majority of spray coating operations are performed on vertical lines.

Vertical spray coating lines are suitable for larger parts like car bumpers, whereas smaller components handled on flatbed lines are emerging as the best solution in terms of consistent coating quality together with higher production efficiency, more or 20% better.

There is a growing interest in integrated lines made up of automatic, solvent-free and dry CO2 snow-cleaning equipment, a flatbed Cartesian spraying robot, capable of working simultaneously on pieces of different shape/thickness and in-line drying via UV or vertical oven for maximum flexibility.

Automation and intelligent tracking software are changing the paradigm.

Components requiring multiple coating layers are tracked using our cTracker tool, which automatically adjusts coating operations and sets correct temperatures for subsequent drying. Moreover, the tool can track pieces on the line recording data to analyse productivity, so as to implement production changeovers without emptying the line.

Changing to flexible, efficient, top-quality paint finishing is the change we can support you with.

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