Drying different sized pieces in a vertical oven without compromising production efficiency

Everyone knows how efficient drying is inside a FIFO oven such as OMNIDRY, our vertical oven. The issue some companies regularly face occurs when a minority of pieces are significantly larger than the majority of pieces transiting the oven. What normally happens? These oversize pieces will be removed manually from the production circuit and will undergo the drying process elsewhere, in another oven, taking longer. Clearly, this issue concerns companies whose finishing capabilities allow them to handle much larger pieces.

A patented solution overcomes the need for two drying options

FLEXPRO is a patented system built into the version of OMNIDRY featuring 3 chambers. Without penalising productivity in any way, this system enables much larger pieces to enter the same oven and be dried without interrupting the process. Space is created exactly when and where it is required to accommodate the piece without reducing the oven’s overall capacity. This allows companies to exploit the high-speed drying process ensured by a typical FIFO oven and avoids the need to find another solution and twice as much floorspace.

One of its kind, with no compromise

Other ovens either favour productivity and exclude any form of flexibility, or vice versa. OMNIDRY with FLEXPRO accepts no compromise, just efficient production together with full flexibility. For companies handling more or less 10% larger pieces in their daily production, FLEXPRO saves money, saves space and saves them from stopping each time a large piece reaches the drying stage.

Watch this video to appreciate the practical solution we have developed.


Cristian Giovannini

Product Manager | Spray Coating and Drying Technologies

Product development, technologies and machines for spray coating

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