The response to our clients’ specific needs on digital printing is based on 4 pillars.

Opportunities with industrial digital printing machines

Our response to our clients’ specific needs is based on 4 pillars. In fact, seizing the opportunities of digital printing now will make you highly competitive, because

  1. You are flexible in relation to changes in aesthetic trends and fashion
  2. You save time, reduce stocks of semi-finished goods and reduce the necessary equipment in your production line
  3. You can set up a line quickly and respond rapidly to market demands
  4. You offer a product that is highly customized, high-quality and durable.

Why choose Cefla? 

✓ we supply a complete line, from preparation of the substrate to the decorated and finished product
✓ we support the fine-tuning of the entire technological process, from reception of the original samples to be reproduced
✓ we support the customer in the acquisition of the necessary knowledge and experience for the preparation of final print files

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