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Industrial digital printing overview

End products such as furniture items, furnishings and skirtings must deliver performance, be readily accessible and attractive. They should be wear-resistant, scratch-resistant and be of top quality.
So an integrated, complete and flexible solution is a must.
Today’s digital printing technologies play a key role in the decoration process used by companies manufacturing furniture, furniture parts and frames, by others involved in edges, skirtings and profiles, providing several opportunities, even for minimal batches. Surface enhancement trends are now looking for new forms of contamination between a mix of materials and customers are demanding flexibility as a quick way of addressing shifting fashions. Let’s take a closer look at Industrial Digital Printing.

Who are we talking to?
Manufacturers of furniture, doors, flooring, ABS and PS edging, PVC and PE panel laminating foils, skirtings and profiles. Manufacturers of sidings or claddings.

Materials processed:
Wood and its derivatives, plastic and metal, fibre cement


  • Be competitive, flexible and respond fast to quick-shifting fashions when manufacturing panels, furniture components, doors and flooring.
  • Be able to reduce stock of the following: end products, semi-finished products and tooling/equipment.
  • Be quick in producing edges which replicate the patterns present on the panels they will be applied to.
  • Be flexible in the production of skirtings and profiles which replicate the patterns present on the flooring they will be used with, and be fast addressing shifting fashions.
  • Be able to produce sidings or claddings, and decorate them in a way that they are more economical, modular and easier to implement on site, also being more attractive and a valid alternative to other types of cladding.


  • Flexible and competitive production
  • Adapt fast to shifting fashions thanks to fast line set-up
  • Reduce stocks of end products and semi-finished products
  • Create attractive and economically sustainable products

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